What are the advantages of intelligent load detection system

Intelligent load test system is mainly to each kind of generating set output power and load capacity, testing all electrical parameters include dynamic parameters, mainly by the measurement and control and load ark of two parts, with the upper computer, realize intelligent, automated complete for all electrical parameters of generator set special test, at the same time generate chart, curve and test report, Completely out of manual operation (intelligent control, automatic/manual optional), for the generator set equipment to provide scientific testing means.

Intelligent load
The intelligent load detection system has the following advantages:
1. Reliability:
(1) The load banks and auxiliary equipment are all newly processed and manufactured, and the components are reliable and stable.
(2) Each container load bank operates independently and is not affected by each other.
(3) The selection and configuration of various equipment should fully consider the reliability requirements of the system to ensure the safe operation of the system and the quick repair of system faults. The insulation parts should be made of fire-resistant, fire-retardant, moisture-resistant and mildew resistant materials.
2. Maintainability:
(1) The load bank of the detection system has a fault alarm, which can automatically locate the fault and shorten the short time of fault inspection.
(2) Consider the maintainability load equipment is fully installed, easy to disassemble.
3. Affordable
In the design of the load bank, try to use modular, integrated, standardized, mature devices, to ensure that all the same mobile modules, and parts can exchange components; The interface part is designed as a general standard interface to minimize the specification and variety of components and increase the reuse rate of CAD devices. Spare parts are available for components with high utilization rate and frequent operation, which can be replaced in time when failure occurs to effectively ensure the normal operation of equipment.
4. Security
Load bank adopts integrated design, external, no bare live part load of all equipment and components are used in line with national or international standards of mature products, the load cases of each loop road and the whole with necessary protective measures, enough sensitivity with sufficient protection, selectivity, quick acting and reliability, load box box shell reliable grounding, Ensure personal and equipment safety.