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    High Voltage Load BankHigh Voltage Load Bank
    The ability to test critical power systems at voltages of 1.2KV to 80kV using direct-connect, High Voltage Load Bank offers engineers flexibility, time savings, cost savings, space savings and simplicity. It mainly used to commission utility, oil & gas, and industrial power systems without the need for additional transformers and cabling.
    Main features 
    1.Control mode: (1)local manual control panel (2)remote manual control box (3) remote console (include manual panel and PC control)(4)laptop control
    2. Protection function: overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat, over low blowing rate, blower overheat, blower phase sequence reverse protection, smoke alarm etc.
    3. Cooling: industrial heavy duty blower, horizon air intake, upwards outlet, low noise.
    4. Power consumption components: made by special alloy resistance, high temperature resisting, high heat dissipation capability, high heat stability, no naked light, safety and reliability. Running temperature is 1/3 of rating. 
    5. Weather-proof structure: containerized structure provides ultra protection, protection grade higher than IP55.
    6. Material and coating: the body adopt cold-rolled steel plate that processed by galvanizing corrosion protection, powder coated and spray paint.
    7. Integrated & modularization design: easy to installation, maintenance and transportation. 
    Technical Parameters

    Model Installed Capacity Power Factor Load Voltage Dimension
    AC10.5KV-2000K 2000KW 1 3 phase 10.5KV 50HZ/60HZ 6058*2438*2591 6000
    AC10.5KV-3000K 3050KW 9150*2438*2591 8000
    AC10.5KV-5000K 5050KW 12100*2438*2591 10000

    The parameters is only for reference, pls contact supplier for exact information