Structure and function characteristics of high voltage load

The high voltage load bank accurately tests the output power and load capacity of all kinds of generator sets and UPS equipment. The analysis software equipped with it can record all kinds of data changes during the whole test process, and automatically generate test report, which is convenient to establish the management file of equipment operation status.

high voltage load bank
High voltage load bank is mainly composed of measurement and control part, load cabinet and remote control part.
Main functions and features of high voltage load bank:
1. With intelligent control function, it can be used with the upper computer to automatically complete the test of all electrical parameters and dynamic parameters of the generator set or UPS equipment, such as three-phase voltage, power, frequency, running time, power factors, etc.
2. With good analysis function, high voltage AC load bank can analyze current, voltage harmonic content, total harmonic content and so on.
3. With transient test, total load control function, as well as good temperature detection and protection, fan fault monitoring and protection function, good stability, high safety.
4. High voltage load bank can realize arbitrary power regulation function, wide application range.