Guide to selection of electronic loads

Electronic loads can simulate loads in the real world. Electronic loads are generally divided into single electronic loads and multi-body electronic loads. The principle of the electronic load is to control the flux of a transistor duty ratio size (quantity), by the power tube power dissipation power consumption device, it can accurately detect the load voltage, precise adjustment of load current, can realize simulation load short circuit at the same time, simulation load is perceptual resistance and capacitance, capacitive load current rise time. Debugging and testing of general switching power supply is indispensable.

500kw loadbank
Guide for selection of electronic loads:
1. Basic function selection;
2.dynamic load;
3. analog load (external programming input);
4. Sequence function.
Electronic loads should have perfect protection. The protection function is divided into internal (electronic load) protection function and external (test equipment) protection function. Internal protection: over voltage protection, over current protection, over power protection, voltage reverse and over temperature protection.
Electronic load can accurately detect the load voltage, accurately adjust the load current, and can realize the analog load short circuit, analog load is inductive resistance and capacitive, capacitive load current rise time.