What do you need to pay attention to when using DC electroni

Select voltage, current and power, select precision and resolution. Select voltage, current, power, etc. Precision and resolution. According to the test source (power supply, battery, charging pile, etc.) to determine the electronic load voltage size, current size, power supply accuracy and resolution.

500kw load bank
There are three to six electronic load programming modes on the market. Most electronic loads have four basic programming modes: constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance and constant power. According to the source to be tested, select an electronic load with the corresponding function for charging.
Dynamic loading
Slope change: As the electronic load changes, the rate of change changes from 10% to 90% of the change, and the A/mS unit goes into cc state, A/uS.
Response time: Electronic load can change the minimum time.
Dynamic (transient) frequency of electronic load: dynamic frequency (consisting of only one rising edge or falling edge or number of changes per unit time), transient frequency (one cycle consisting of rising edge + falling edge).
Sequence function
The sequence function refers to the chronological combination of many fixed Settings into a single measurement process. It can supplement the measurement of overall quality parameters of the product. This feature greatly simplifies tedious setup and reduces testing effort. By saving parameters and calling functions, you can greatly simplify operations.