Application principle and field of AC electronic load

Ac electronic loads are widely used in the routine maintenance, inspection and engineering acceptance of backup power supplies such as generators, UPS(uninterruptible power supply) and batteries. Each generator set is used as the emergency standby power supply after power failure. Most of the time, the generator set is in the standby state. Once power failure occurs, the generator set is required to start the power supply immediately, otherwise the standby set will lose its significance! Practice has proved that strengthening routine maintenance detection is an effective way to avoid accidents. Many serious faults and accidents are often caused by small maintenance negligence. Only by establishing perfect maintenance procedures and establishing regular standards for the maintenance and testing of generator sets can we be well prepared and nip in the wind.

1000KW load bank
Ac electronic load can accurately detect the output power and load capacity of all types of generator sets and perform routine maintenance checks on UPS equipment. No matter how good the quality of UPS has a life, there will be aging components, through the AC electronic load to do a good job of daily maintenance detection can effectively reduce the occurrence of failure, effectively avoid accidents, effectively prolong the service life of equipment; Because the UPS is intelligent, online, and maintenance-free, do not neglect routine maintenance. The AC electronic load can accurately test the output power and load capacity of various UPS devices, and the output power and load capacity of communication devices such as AC voltage regulators, inverters, and switching power supplies.
Application field of AC electronic load: widely used in telecom, netcom, China Mobile, China Unicom, tietong, electric power, banking, securities, railway bureau and other industries, UPS equipment, generator sets and other electronic equipment acceptance and daily maintenance of the necessary test tool.