General use of high power electronic loads

General generators will become increasingly unreliable at very low load or for long periods of time without load, which may increase maintenance costs. The adverse effects of daily use also reduce reliability, including carbon accumulation, smoke emissions, lubricant impurities deposition, and fuel system aging. These adverse effects can be avoided if the diesel unit is operated regularly at a load of 40% or more of rated power.

500KW load bank

The operation of the high-power electronic load is a routine test to bring the engine, alternator and radiator up to normal operating temperature, which is better maintenance for any backup generator set and means no failure during a true power outage. Using generator of large enterprises, especially large water and electricity, coal, wind power generation enterprises and power utilities, such as when buying a generator of the high-power electronic load can be used for regular routine tests, you will see is in reducing the overall cost of the power system, because the generator actual extended the service life, as part of their daily reduced maintenance costs, reduce the accident rate, The reason is that the high power electronic load plays an important role.