Marine emergency generator test cycle and requirements

Marine emergency power mainly comes from storage batteries or emergency generators, which need to be started in an emergency to supply power to the ship when the ship's main power fails or has problems. Therefore, the test of Marine emergency generator sets is of great significance to the ship.

generator loadbank
Test cycle and requirements of emergency generator set are as follows:
On board the emergency generator is usually tested once a week by a specialist engineer.
The main test items for emergency generators are:
(1) The emergency generator room is clean, the cooling pipeline system is free from water leakage, and the external smoke exhaust pipe insulation material is not damaged.
(2). The sulfur content of fuel in the fuel tank is less than 0.1%, and the fuel quantity can ensure enough continuous operation for 18 hours, which is generally one of the focuses of the inspection.
(3)The quick closing valve of the test fuel tank works well. There is a quick closing valv eat the outlet of the original cabinet of the emergency generator, which needs to ensure its function.
(4) Engineers are familiar with the operating procedures and load testing procedures. At the emergency generator site, operating instructions should be posted to start the emergency generator in the following ways:
The ship equipped with two groups of start batteries should be started with each group of batteries respectively, and the ship equipped with a separate battery and a hand hydraulic starter, the battery and hydraulic start batteries are in good condition, and often check to ensure that the start battery is in good condition.