Programmable DC power supply short - term current tolerance

Short-time current tolerance test is the quality test that customers most often talk to us about. Almost all electrical products need to carry out short-term current tolerance ability test. This usually requires the use of a programmable DC power supply. Through the setup step, the programmable DC power supply controls the current release, thus testing the ability to withstand the thermal effect of the short circuit current and the electrical power effect when the low voltage appliance is in the closed state.

500kw load bank

The power between the conducting circuits of a programmable DC supply is proportional to the square of the current passing through the circuit. Therefore, the greater the short-circuit current, the more powerful the power. If the mechanical strength of the insulating support of the conductive circuit is not enough, mechanical deformation or even destruction will occur. The programmable DC power supply releases a large short-circuit current in a short time, and the temperature of the conducting circuit will rise rapidly, but the maximum temperature rise should be within the allowable value.
Short-time tolerance current test also has high requirements for programmable DC power supply. Not only does it need to release the current accurately, but it also needs to respond to the current quickly. The rise time is less than 5 ms, and the rapid response time of voltage and current is less than 5 ms. Dynamic characteristics are also the main technical performance of low-voltage appliances. The action characteristic test includes the determination of the suction and discharge action value and the determination of the protection characteristic. For example, the electromagnetic mechanism of low-voltage appliances has certain requirements for voltage coil, suction voltage and release voltage values.