Functional requirements of ac load bank

Ac load bank provides three-phase power, which is an electronic equipment that can provide AC power. So what are the basic performance requirements of the AC load bank?
500kw ac load bank
500kw ac load bank
1. The test software of ac load box shall provide the official version for free upgrade.
2. Data display requirements: the values of steady-state three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, running time and other parameters should be displayed.
3. Data management: The test report of load bank should be retrieved, displayed and printed according to time, model and machine number.
4. Display mode: the ac load bank is required to have digital display, analog dial display, automatic test process results real-time digital display three modes of arbitrary choice, the display accuracy of 0.5 level, to meet the requirements of each voltage gear, each power range of any numeric display.
Ac load bank must have basic performance requirements, in order to ensure the normal use, meet generator or UPS's use requirements, and the correctness of the test results.