Introduction to AC and DC general purpose rack load banks fo

Rack type AC and DC general load banks is well received by users, and the increasing orders are the biggest affirmation of the rack load quality and service of Kaixiang Technology. This paper introduces the characteristics of the ac and DC general load banks:

4kw rack mounted load bank

Ac/DC general resistive rack mounted load banks is specially developed and produced by Kaixiang Technology for data center testing. It is a volume simulation data center server and has the following functions:
1. Replace the server as the end load before the data center is connected to the server, which can better simulate the performance of the server and help judge the reliability of the power supply device.
2. Tested the safety of transmission lines and availability of battery and other power storage facilities, and assisted in the switching of various power sources. That is to detect whether there is hot spot in circuit caused by circuit virtual connection in the connection process, which damages circuit safety.
3. As a heat source similar to the rack server, it can simulate the power usage, heat dissipation and other air flow changes of the server. Through the integration test, ensure the effective operation of the power supply and distribution system, air conditioning system, lightning protection grounding system, monitoring system, equipment room comprehensive environment, cabinet IT microenvironment, equipment room decoration and other systems, and verify the degree of meeting the design and operation requirements.