What are the advantages of high voltage load bank?

With the continuous development of China's economy, the load capacity of electrical equipment is increasing. Once the power consumption peak, the power supply system will be insufficient. As a power supply testing system, the high voltage banks can be used to test the stability of backup power supply of diesel generators.

high voltage load bank
The advantages of high voltage banks are mainly as follows:
1. The high voltage bank is connected to the output end of the high-voltage generator set, which is convenient to use.
2. The whole equipment is composed of acquisition system, automatic load control, heat dissipation device, auxiliary control and other parts, which can accurately test the output power and load capacity of various generator sets.
3. The high voltage bank can be connected with the computer for remote control, and has the function of automatic loading and automatic production and testing reports.
4. The load bank has been well protected, the shell protection grade is high, and the high voltage and high power load banks has strong resistance to low temperature, high temperature and wind, so users can rest assured to use it outdoors.