Reliability design of high power electronic load

Electronic load is a special precision instrument used to simulate the load changes of high voltage and high power products. It can be applied to load simulation of electric vehicle charger, electric vehicle charging pile, power battery pack and electronic components test. Many functions of this series of products provide a complete solution for testing high-voltage and high-power power supplies and electronic products.

1000kw load bank
Reliability Design of high power electronic Load:
The load is designed with MOS protection, and insurance is designed around the MOS. No matter how damaged the MOS is, it will not lead to short circuit between the positive pole and the negative pole or the positive pole and the control circuit. The damage of some MOS will not accelerate the damage of other MOS.
Distributed design, can directly replace or increase the power layer, simple and convenient maintenance, easy power expansion.
The design has the power limit circuit, the reaction time is very short, can effectively protect the load will not be damaged because of the overpower.
Adopt full shielding technology, both inside and outside wiring or PCB wiring, adopt shielding technology, digital communication between layers, effectively improve the anti-jamming ability of load.
Electronic load is by controlling the internal power (MOSFET) or transistor conduction flux (volume duty ratio), relying on the power dissipation of the power tube to consume electricity equipment. It can accurately detect the load voltage, fine but adjust the load current, and can realize the analog load short circuit, analog load is inductive resistance and capacitive, capacitive load current rise time. Debugging and testing of general switching power supply is indispensable.