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  • DC Automatic Load Bank

    DC Automatic Load Bank
    DC Automatic Load Bank(namely battery discharger, battery load bank, battery discharge tester), is designed for the capacity test and maintenance of continuous battery sets through intensive discharging. The unit features in its LED display, timing function and automatic low voltage protection; Automatic constant current control for battery capacity tests. 

    Main features
     1). Display: LED display all parameters and test data in real-time with English menu. Display testing data: voltage, current, capacity, discharging time, etc.
    2). Control pattern: keyboard set the whole battery set protective voltage, current, capacity, discharging time.
    3). Automatic stop: It can stop testing automatically meet following conditions: test time out, testing capacity out and protective voltage out.
    4). Protection: Perfect automatic protection and alarm function: When high temperature, opposing connection, automatic protection power–off and sending alarm sound.
    5). Power-consuming is special alloy resistor with small temperature drift, patent technology design, high power density, and safe.
    6). Portable, with small volume, forced air cooling. 

    Some regular models

    DC Automatic Load Bank   
    The parameters is only for reference, pls contact supplier for exact information