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  • Automatic Charger Discharger

    Automatic Charger Discharger
    Automatic charger/discharger can active any disabled single cell battery of 2V/6V/12V or activate the disabled battery of 1-24 section. It can increase disabled single cell capacity and battery life so that prevent broken battery hurt normal battery. Integrating charge and discharge in one, it can automatically achieve charge and discharge process constant voltage and constant-current after setting parameter.
    Main Features 
    1. Display mode: LED display all parameters and test data in real-time with English menu. Display testing data: voltage, current, capacity charging time, discharging time etc.
    2. Control pattern: Keyboard set all parameters: even charging voltage, under voltage protection, charging/discharging current, charging/discharging capacity charging /discharging time.
    3. Operating mode: (1) Constant current discharging achieve the capacity test and load capacity test of the battery. (2) Intelligent three stages charging: Constant current-fixed voltage, reducing current-floating charging.
    4. Automatic stop: It can stop testing automatically meet following conditions: test time out, testing capacity out, Over-current protection value and protective voltage out.
    5. Automatic alarm function: When meet high temperature, opposing connection, battery wire disconnect, undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, it will give a alarm.
    6. Calibration correction function: Calibrate the charging/discharging voltage, charging/discharging current.
    7. Modular design: Small size, convenient to carry, forced air cooling.

    Some regular models 

    Product type Automatic Charger Discharger Intelligent Battery Activator Intelligent Battery Charger Discharger
    Product series C/F series ZC/F series ZNC/F series
    Model C/F60 C/F12-100 C/F30 ZC/F12-100 ZC/F2-300 ZNC/F48-60 ZNC/F220-40
    Battery nominal voltage DC 2V/6V/12V/24V/36V/48V 2V/6V/12V/ 12V/24V 2V/6V/12V 2V 48V 220V
    Discharging voltage 0-60V 0-15V 0-30V 0-15V 0-2.5V 0-60V 0-275V
    Discharging  current 1-60A 1-100A 1-30A 1-100A 1-300A 1-60A 1-40A
    Charging voltage 2-60V 2-15V 2-30V 2-15V 2-2.5V 2-60V 12-275V
    Charging current 2-60A 2-100A 2-30A 2-100A 10-300A 2-60A 2-40A
    Charging/discharging time 1minute- 99 hours 59 minutes
    Charging/discharging capacity 1-9999Ah
    Group voltage tolerance  ±1%+2 reading
    Current tolerance ±1%+2 reading
    Working power supply AC220V, 1 phase, 50HZ or AC380V, 3 phase, 50HZ
    Display  Digital LED display, keyboard set LCD display, keyboard set, menu hint,
    Data transfer / RS232 or RS485 & USB
    Insulation Input to casting ≧2000V ≧500V ≧1500V
    Output to casting ≧2000V ≧1500V ≧500V
    MTBF ≧50000h
    Ambient temperature -10℃ -- +40℃
    Dimension(L*W*H) 426*448*172 340*720*580
    Weight about(KG) 25 15 14 15 20 25 70
    The parameters is only for reference, pls contact supplier for exact information